T-Mobile Thuis fiber with EdgeRouter X SFP

In my previous post I have shown you my configuration with T-Mobile Thuis fiber with the EdgeRouter Lite. I’ve told you there that I still had a few configuration issues with IPTV. I wasn’t able to create a working scenario without a few (annoying) workarounds.
So to create a better working setup I have chosen to replace the EdgeRoute Lite with the EdgeRouter X SFP. As the name already tells you, this router has an built-in SFP (fiber) port. This router is alo has switching capabilities and PoE (Power over Ethernet) to directly power my Ubiquiti Access Points.

My (changed) set-up

I have updated my set-up a bit since my last post. I have added the (two) Ubiquiti AP’s to the PoE ports on the EdgeRouter instead of the managed switch, so I can get rid of the PoE converters. The T-Mobile settopbox is directly attached to the EdgeRouter. I can also chose to attach these to the managed switch, so I can add more settopboxes than two. All my other ethernet devices are attached to the managed switches (like my Tradfri gateway, PS4, SmartTV, HTPC, etc.)
Both switches are configured to deliver VLAN300 (internet) and VLAN640 (IPTV). Between both switches is a trunk configured to transfer both VLAN’s.

The configuration of the EdgeRouter X SFP

Below here is a copy of my configuration with a few details like port mappings, IP assignments and passwords cleared.
In short, i have the following configuration:

  1. Configure ETH5 as the SFP port;
  2. Create an internal switch for seperating traffic to VLAN300 (internet) and VLAN640 (IPTV) and VLAN1 for the internal network;
  3. Configure the PoE ports for the Access Points;
  4. Configure the internal switch and assign the ports on the router for internet, internal network or iptv;
  5. Configure default firewall rules, allow NAT, configure offloading, etc.

Click ‘read more’ to view the configuration details.

A screenshot from the EdgeRouter dashboard after the configuration:

6 thoughts to “T-Mobile Thuis fiber with EdgeRouter X SFP”

  1. Thanks for this; because I saw you managed, I got the X SFP too.

    For those finding this, and wanting to accomplish this without using the CLI:
    – I used the Draytek SFP module, and had to click it and set the link speed to 1Gbit instead of auto-negotiate for it to come up
    – I used the standard wizard for routing, with the only non-default setting being the ‘internet is on VLAN’ and specifying 300 (and the keep users flag)

    (haven’t tried configuring TV yet (because I don’t have it) and I don’t have a 2nd smart-switch yet, so also haven’t configured a trunk-port yet )

  2. (also, in the diagram you’re off-by-one for all ethernet ports; they go from eth0 to eth4. eth5 is indeed the sfp port)

  3. Good Guide,
    I want to build something similar but on the UniFi platform of ubiquity, do you have tips as how to vlan separate if I have a USG-PRO-4 with a physical Fiber Switch (us-24)?

    With kind regards,


    1. Hi Robin, Ja, ik heb met deze instellingen zowel internet als IPTV werkend (wordt dagelijks gebruikt).
      Je zou mijn configuratie nog eens goed kunnen bekijken naast de configuratie op Tweakers die je hebt doorgevoerd. Mocht je er niet uit komen, geef even een seintje en/of mail me, ik kan altijd even mee denken!

  4. Hey Robin,

    Welke SFP module heb je in de EdgeMax X SFP gestopt? Vanuit T-mobile wordt het met een converter geleverd .. SC multimode gok ik? Ik wil graag eenzelfde setup uitvoeren maar loop vast op de juiste SFP module ..

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